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W Powder
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Tungsten to tungsten oxide powder as raw material in four or muffle furnace tube furnace hydrogen reduction, particle size from 0.6-30 microns. The main points coarse, medium and fine particle size of several, silver-gray powder, impurity content based on national standards.

In addition to tungsten powder impurities have certain requirements, the oxygen content should be controlled within a certain range. Common tungsten powder particle size is generally fee's average particle size of 2 ~ 10μm. Tungsten powder polygonal particle shape. In addition, the inner surface area of tungsten powder, bulk density, tap density, etc. are also a certain range. Performance of tungsten powder has a direct impact on the quality of the production of tungsten metal and tungsten powder metallurgy products, particularly those affecting the purity and particle size is more apparent. Tungsten powder is based on the purity and particle size and different uses and classification.

The first production of tungsten powder is based on the chemical purity hydrogen reduction of tungsten powder divided into three levels; Japan has developed a "tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder," the industry standard (JISH2116-1979); Britain, France and the former Soviet Union and other countries have unified national standard tungsten powder. Chinese industrial production of tungsten powder formulated in 1982 "hydrogen reduction of tungsten powder technical conditions" (GB3458-82). The standard specifies the performance of tungsten powder and classification of grades. And test methods, inspection rules, packaging, transportation and storage and other projects have made clear. For special purposes and military special tungsten powder, plant trial production according to user requirements.