Non-ferrous Metal Powder Capability To Delivery

Non-ferrous Metal Powder Capability To Delivery
Product Details

The main feature is ultra-fine copper powder prepared by special process, uniform particle size, high crystallinity, high purity, high surface activity, easy to disperse, mainly used in industry.


1. Can be used as a production of microelectronic devices for manufacturing terminals of multilayer ceramic capacitors;
2. A process which can also be used for a catalyst for the synthesis of carbon dioxide and hydrogen and methanol;
3. Metal conductive coating and non-metal surface treatment;
4. Conductive paste for oil lubricants and the pharmaceutical industry;
5. Used in electronics, electronics, equipment manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, and metal products, special-purpose coatings and building materials;
6. Widely used in powder metallurgy, cemented carbide, diamond tool products, carbon products, handicrafts, friction materials, production of non-ferrous metal alloys, and production of antistatic products and production of special coatings, chemical catalyst dye additives in chemicals, Lubricant products.

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