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Al Powder
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Aluminum powder, commonly known as "silver", that silver metallic paint, adding a small amount of lubricant to pure aluminum foil, the pound hit squamous crushed powder, and then polished together. Lightweight aluminum floating force high hiding power, light and heat reflective properties are good. Treated, it can also be a non-leafing aluminum powder. Aluminum can be used to identify fingerprints, can also do the fireworks. Because aluminum versatile, high demand, varieties, so the metallic pigment in a large class.

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Aluminum pigment particles using a scaly, precisely because of this state of scaly particles, aluminum powder that has the color and metal shielding. Metal aluminum industrial production a long time ago, early production is red trace method, the aluminum debris placed in the pound punching machine groove machine driven pestle in a continuous fight punch scrap aluminum groove having ductility aluminum sheet and under the impact of becoming broken, after the aluminum becomes very meager fine filter, remove the aluminum powder as a desirable product. Chong pound productivity is very low, the product quality is not easy to master, and a lot of dust in the production process, very easy to fire and explosion. In 1894, the production of aluminum powder with a ball mill Hamtag Germany, put the ball in a ball mill, aluminum scrap and lubricants, the use of crushed aluminum ball flying debris after becoming flaky aluminum powder in a ball mill and pipe filled with an inert gas, this method is still in use, known as "dry production." In 1910, the United States invented the J.Hall adding petroleum solvent instead of an inert gas in a ball mill, the production of aluminum powder and solvent blended paste, aluminum paste pigment become. This method is simple equipment, process safety, product very easy to use, quickly adopted by countries in the world. The vast majority of modern aluminum pigments are using this method, this method is also referred to as "wet."