Wide Use Of Iron, Showing A Trend Of Accelerated Development

In recent years, due to the emergence of new technologies such as mechanical alloying, iron powder injection molding, temperature and pressure molding, injection molding, microwave sintering, spark plasma sintering and self-propagating high temperature synthesis, the domestic and foreign materials have a more universal Applications. Powder metallurgy technology to high-density, high performance, integrated direction, low cost.

In recent years, the rise of a series of powder metallurgy forming technology has shown a trend of accelerated development. Iron powder injection molding, temperature and pressure molding, flow temperature and pressure molding, injection molding and new technologies are emerging. High-speed compressed powder high-density forming technology has been a great development.

Iron powder, gray or black powder, also known as "double absorbent", can absorb moisture and oxygen in the air, commonly used in food preservation.

Iron powder is usually formed by reducing ferrosoferric oxide under a stream of hydrogen or carbon monoxide under high heat conditions. The main ingredient is loosely structured iron. Since the reduced iron powder itself is a powder, and its microstructure is very loose, its surface area is very large. Often used as a high quality reductant in chemical production and laboratory operations.

Also sold on the market a hot bag, two bags of structure, the outer sealed packaging, inner layer filled with a layer of reduced iron breathable bags, the use of just opened the outer packaging, the air into the reduced iron powder can react with oxygen to generate heat, Temperature can be maintained at 45 degrees for up to 4 hours. Reduction principle is the use of reduced iron easily react with the characteristics of oxidants.

Uses: Chemically reduced iron, mainly used for chemical catalysts, precious metal reduction, alloy addition, such as copper replacement. When cutting stainless steel iron powder, when cutting the steel, the iron powder is sprayed into the oxyacetylene flame to improve the cutting performance, expand the cutting range of the cutting steel and improve the thickness that can be cut. At present, the powder metallurgy parts are widely used in aircraft, firearms, motorcycles, family cars, cars, agricultural machinery, mining, power tools, machine tools, transportation and other machinery industries.