What Is Formed By Iron Powder

What is formed by Iron Powder

Iron Powder is iron ore fine powder, in theory, any mineral contain iron or iron compounds can be referred to as the iron ore; However, in the industrial or commercial, iron ore, but not to contain iron, and must have a use value.

Since in the early 1930 s Iron Powder for powder metallurgy industry, has attained a lot of Iron Powder production methods. Due to the various reasons of technology and economy, many of them have never been beyond the experiment or pilot stage, for example with hot hydrogen reduction of ferrous chloride chemical metallurgical method; Other methods, such as mechanical FenSuiFa vortex and aqueous solution electrolysis, fluidized bed hydrogen reduction method, rotating disk atomization of liquid steel, air atomizing liquid iron and conversion of natural gas and solid carbon reduction method and so on, through the industrial application of a relatively short time, and then for other more competitive method is no longer used in the industrial production of Iron Powder. As for the production of Iron Powder with carbonyl method (see carbonyl powder method), because of the fine particles, are expensive, is not suitable for sintering machine parts and welding electrode; But its high purity, particle structure, special shows excellent performance. Now dominate the market of Iron Powder of Iron Powder production process is: belongs to the iron oxide reduction process, and sent the long method of herge, low carbon steel liquid water atomization method, belong to high purity iron shot peening of ball mill and decarburization process QMP method and r); Nasri and water atomization method of herge Iron Powder production has the overwhelming advantage.

Iron Powder is the first material of powder metallurgy. According to the granularity, customarily divided into coarse, medium and fine powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder five grades. Particle size is 150 ~ 500 microns within the scope of the coarse particles of Iron Powder for powder, granular between 44 and 150 microns for the medium powder, 10 ~ 44 microns for fine powder, 0.5 ~ 10 microns is very fine powder, less than 0.5 microns for superfine powder. Will usually through the sieve is 325 mesh specification size less than 44 microns powder called the sieve, if want to undertake higher precision screen divided we can only use air classification equipment, but about some easy oxidation of Iron Powder JZDF nitrogen maintenance classifier is used to do. Primary containing Iron Powder reduced Iron Powder and atomized Iron Powder, they are named because of the different methods of production.

Pure iron is silvery white metal, Iron Powder is black, it is a optical question, because the Iron Powder surface area is small, have no fixed geometry, and the crystal structure of iron geometric shape, therefore iron to absorb some of the visible light, will be another some visible light out of the mirror, show white; Iron Powder have not finished absorption of light is diffuse, less visible to the human eye, so it is black. Small make up today as an introduction to the operation of the Iron Powder treatment and storage.

Iron Powder operation notice: airtight operation, part of the exhaust air. Iron Powder operator is necessary through special training, strictly abide by the operation procedures. Advocate operators wear self-priming filter type dust mask, wearing chemical safety protective glasses, wear rubber resistant to acid and alkali, wear rubber gloves resistant to acid and alkali. Away from flammable and combustible. Avoid dust. Avoid with alkali, alcohol touch. Pay particular attention to avoid to touch water. Transfer to light light discharge, prevent damage of packaging and container. Equipped with leakage emergency handling equipment. Empty containers may be residual hazards.