The Use Of Reduced Iron Powder Is The Need To Pay Attention To What

The use of reduced Iron Powder is the need to pay attention to what

     Red Iron Powder, gray or black powder, also known as "double suction agent", can absorb moisture and oxygen in the air, commonly used in food preservation. Reduction of Iron Powder generally by the three iron oxide in high heat conditions in the hydrogen stream or carbon monoxide gas stream reduction generated, the main component of the structure of loose elemental iron. As the reduction of Iron Powder itself has been powder, coupled with its microstructure and very loose, so its surface area great. In the chemical production and laboratory operations commonly used as high-quality reducing agent.

Reduced Iron Powder due to easy oxidation, it is necessary to crush the classification must be carried out in the state of the protection of the gas, the general ultra-fine comminution grading is used JZDB nitrogen protection crushing classifier for ultra-fine grinding classification, if only to restore iron For high-precision grading can only use JZDF nitrogen protection classifier can be.

     In addition, the market sales of a hot bag, the structure of two bags, the outer layer of airtight packaging, the inner layer is filled with a reduced Iron Powder breathable bag, use only open the outer packaging, so that the air Enter, restore Iron Powder can be immediately reacted with oxygen to produce heat, can keep the temperature at about 45 degrees up to 4 hours. The principle is also the use of reduced Iron Powder easy to react with the characteristics of oxidants.

  Technical requirements for reduced Iron Powder

      1, iron chemical products should be consistent with the chemical analysis of Table 1

2, the appearance of iron should be silver-gray, the surface should not appear rust rust; powder may not be mixed with foreign inclusions.

3, in the use of metallographic microscope observation, the Iron Powder particle morphology should be irregular sponge-like.

4, Iron Powder product physical performance should be consistent with the provisions of Table 2.

5, the demand side of the performance of Iron Powder products have special requirements, the two sides can be agreed by the supply and demand.

experiment method

1, chemical analysis

The contents of total iron, manganese, silicon, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus and hydrochloric acid in the Iron Powder are reduced according to GB223.5, GB223.7, GB223.34, GB223.59, GB223.63, GB223 .68, GB5158.

2, physical - process performance determination

The bulk density, fluidity and compressibility of the reduced Iron Powder were measured by GB1479, GB1480, GB1481 and GB1482 respectively. When the compressibility of Iron Powder was measured, 1% of zinc stearate was added, and the unit pressure at the time of molding was 500 MPa. To determine the formability of Iron Powder, according to GB11106.

3, particle morphology examination

The morphology of iron particles was examined by metallographic microscope.

testing regulations

1, reduced Iron Powder by the supply side of the technical supervision department for acceptance, to ensure product quality in line with the provisions of this standard, and fill in the quality certificate.

2, Iron Powder products should be submitted in batches acceptance; the same brand of each batch of products must be approved by mixing, batch weight shall not be less than 3000kg.

3, the demand side of the received iron products can be tested in accordance with the provisions of this standard. If the test results and the provisions of this standard does not match, should be received within one month from the date of the product to the supplier, by the supply and demand sides to resolve. In case of arbitration, the supply and demand side shall be responsible for the failure of the inspection result.

4, sampling the sampling method according to GB5314.

5, if a group of Iron Powder test results do not meet the requirements of this standard, the provisions of Article 6.4 should be in the batch of Iron Powder to take a double the number of samples, and re-inspection of the project.

Packaging and logo

1, iron products should be clean, difficult to absorb moisture and not easy to damage the packaging containers (such as plastic bags plus nylon woven bags, plastic drums, etc.) tight packaging, usually net weight of 25kg, but also by the supply and demand sides agreed to other packaging methods The

2, the packaging container should have a solid logo marked: product name, grade, net weight and supplier name, and printed with "moisture" and "GB" symbol.

3, each batch of products should be accompanied by a quality certificate, which specify: a supplier name; b product name; c product grade, batch number, batch weight and the number; d test results and technical supervision department mark; And the date of manufacture; f this standard number.