The Use Of High Purity Iron Powder

The use of high purity Iron Powder
Reduced Iron Powder is the basic raw material of advanced powder metallurgy and soft magnetic induction device. Its products can be made into a variety of ultra-thin, And high-strength characteristics, widely used in automotive, machinery, ships, locomotives and other fields, is simply made by melting steel materials can not be replaced by high-grade materials. In addition, in the transformer core, electrical induction devices, high-quality welding electrodes, electrostatic copying, chemical, medical, food preservation and other industries are also increasingly widely used. The United States is only used for iron supplementation of carbon tetrachloride food additive up to 240 tons per year. With the development of science and technology, high purity Iron Powder application area will be more and more widely, the use of more and more.
Iron oxide can also be used to prepare reduced Iron Powder. The production process of the reduced Iron Powder produced by the iron oxide skin is roughly divided into coarse reduction and fine reduction. (Fe & gt; 95%, w (C & lt; 0.5% of sponge iron) was subsequently reduced by reduction of the scale at about 1100 & lt; 0 & gt; C, followed by pulverizing the resulting sponge iron at a temperature of 800 to 1000 & lt; Ammonia decomposition atmosphere or pure hydrogen, the fine reduction. Finally, the crushing, screening, adjust the particle size, made of Iron Powder.
Iron ore is the fine powder of iron ore. In theory, ores containing iron or iron compounds can be called iron ore. However, iron ore is not only ironically or commercially Ingredients, and must have the value of the use of Caixing.
Iron Powder is the primary material of powder metallurgy. According to the particle size, customary is divided into coarse powder, medium powder, fine powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder five grades. The Iron Powder having a particle size in the range of 150 to 500 μm is a coarse powder having a particle size of 44 to 150 μm, a fine powder of 10 to 44 μm, a fine powder of 0.5 to 10 μm, an ultrafine powder of less than 0.5 μm, powder. Usually will be through the 325 mesh standard sieve that is less than 44μm particle size is called sub-sieve powder, to be more accurate screening can only use gas flow classification equipment, but some of the easy oxidation of iron can only use JZDF Nitrogen maintenance classifier to do. Iron Powder mainly contains reduced Iron Powder and atomized Iron Powder, they are not the same as the production method named.
   Pure iron is silver, iron is black, this is an optical doubt, because the iron surface area is small, there is no fixed geometry, and iron crystal structure was geometric shape, so the iron absorption of some visible light , Some of the visible light mirror reflected out, showing white; Iron Powder did not absorb the light was diffuse reflection, can enter the human eye less visible light, so it is black. Today Xiaobian to tell you about the iron Handling and storage.
Iron Powder operation Note: closed operation, part of the exhaust. Iron Powder operators need through specialized training, strictly abide by the operating procedures. Advise the operator wearing self-absorption filter dust mask, wear chemical safety glasses, wear rubber acid To avoid contact with alkali, alcohol, especially to avoid touch with water.When the transfer to light loading and unloading, to prevent damage to the packaging and containers Equipment Overshoot emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may remain harmful.
Iron Powder storage Note: Store in a cool, boring, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire, heat. Relative humidity remained below 75%. Iron Powder packaging is necessary to seal, do not damp. Should be easy with (easy) Alkaloids, alcohols and other separated storage, should not be mixed storage. Should not be kept for a long time, to avoid deterioration. Storage area should have appropriate data to keep the leak.