The Significance Of The Primary Reduction Iron Powders In Heavy Industry And Its Automobile Industry

The significance of the Primary Reduction Iron Powders in heavy industry and its automobile industry
 Powder metallurgy since the beginning of more than 2500 years ago, the development of foreign metallurgical industry advanced, China's powder metallurgy due to the development of history and national conditions, the annual investment in most of the domestic production of low-density parts, a reduction of iron in China also occupy The main iron powder market, China's powder metallurgy industry is still long way to go.
  A Primary Reduction Iron Powders as a kind of industrial iron powder, with its own characteristics and uses. In the powder metallurgy industry, the primary Primary Reduction Iron Powders particles fine and multi-hole, was irregular shape, specific surface area, and more for low, medium and high density, high strength powder metallurgy products and thin-walled, heterosexual parts, , Clutch parts, cams and other indispensable raw materials. A Primary Reduction Iron Powders is a modern industrial applications and low prices of metal materials, metallurgical powder parts can improve the process, in the future for a long period of time, a Primary Reduction Iron Powders industry will be the survival and development of the whole society important Material basis. In some of the iron and steel and powder metallurgy parts produced in the production of waste residue, containing relatively high grade of iron, this part of the large number of slag deposits formed open pit. Not only take up a lot of land resources, but also cause environmental pollution.
A Primary Reduction Iron Powders can improve the process of powder metallurgy parts, add a certain dose of a reduced iron powder can improve the wear resistance of mechanical products, with the diversification of mechanical production needs, a Primary Reduction Iron Powders is used in the production of friction materials Industry, which greatly improve the wear resistance of friction materials, which for China's heavy industry, the development of the automotive industry is significant.
 The development of the world iron-based powder metallurgy technology by leaps and bounds, in the face of the characteristics of China's resources to low-carbon boiling rolling steel scales as raw materials to produce a Primary Reduction Iron Powders to China's iron production scale and its quality are limited. And suitable for the application of a Primary Reduction Iron Powders is very rich in resources, compared with the scale, both in improving the production of iron powder, or to improve the iron powder physical, chemical, metallurgical performance has a huge advantage. The more pure raw material into the reduction system, the less the impurity content, the higher the quality of a reduced iron powder. In recent years, Western Europe, North America and Japan, a Primary Reduction Iron Powders 80% are high-grade reduction of iron production, and most of our manufacturers are to scale as raw materials. Therefore, even in the domestic advanced level of a Primary Reduction Iron Powders, compared with foreign advanced level there is still a certain gap. High-grade primary Primary Reduction Iron Powders and iron scales can be used as a raw material for the production of reduced iron powder, but the former has obvious advantages over the latter.
  (1) a Primary Reduction Iron Powders with the scale must be low-carbon steel rolling steel scales, its limited origin, chemical composition is not stable. And high grade once reduced iron powder with high purity, low impurity content, stable performance and so on.
  (2) high-grade primary Primary Reduction Iron Powders for the deep processing of mineral processing products, smaller size, and thus restore the speed, high efficiency of reduction.
  (3) the use of high-grade primary Primary Reduction Iron Powders can be used to save the size of the broken, magnetic separation, drying and other raw materials processing processes.
  The production of iron powder with a reduced iron powder as raw material is very important for the iron-based powder metallurgy industry. It is related to whether the quality of iron-based powder metallurgy materials and products can continue to improve, whether high-strength structural parts of automobile can be made of high-quality production Problem, but also related to a reduction of China's iron powder industry in the future whether the normal development and competition to survive and other vital issues.