The Development Of Iron Powder Is Very Rapid, With A Qualitative Improvement

The 20th century, 30 years, the vortex grinding iron powder and carbon reduction iron powder after the advent of powder metallurgy manufacturing of iron-based mechanical parts to obtain a very rapid development. After the Second World War, powder metallurgy technology developed rapidly, new production technology and technology and equipment, new materials and products continue to emerge, to develop some areas of special materials can be made into an important part of modern industry.

Powder metallurgy products industry in the last century began in the 50s, more and more concerned about the development of the automotive industry, has its own part of the nature of wood, from 1991 to 2004, China's metallurgical parts production increased by 7.3 times 14 years , Has entered a period of rapid development, the next five years the car is expected to more than 3.5 kg of pink metallurgical weight of bicycles.

As a result of the rise of some new technologies such as mechanical alloying, iron injection molding, temperature and pressure molding, injection molding, microwave sintering, spark plasma sintering, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, sintering hardening, iron powder powder metallurgy materials and technology Of the universal importance of the country, its wider range of applications. Powder metallurgy technology to high density, high performance, integrated direction and low cost.

In recent years, the rise of a series of powder metallurgy forming technology, showing the trend of accelerated development, iron injection molding, temperature and pressure molding, flow temperature and pressure molding, injection molding, new technology endless high-speed compact powder high densification molding technology has been Is a great development.

Now the development of iron is also very fast, it is because the society is the rapid development of society, what are in innovation, not innovative things are slowly buried by the pace of history. Metallurgical technology innovation makes a lot of industries have a qualitative improvement, it is because of the application of mechanical technology, it is the development of some important industries of the people's livelihood plays an increasingly important role.

Now the progress of history is determined by the development of metallurgical technology. The future high-speed, precision is the eternal goal of metallurgical development, if we want to improve the further development of iron, then I will from the high-speed, precision these two aspects to study, only our iron powder manufacturing technology to another height, Then the iron powder manufacturing can be improved.