The Application Of Alloy Powders In Diamond Tools

The application of Alloy Powders in diamond tools
Diamond tool The performance of the carcass is a key factor affecting the cutting performance of diamond tools. Therefore, the use of appropriate process methods to control or adjust the performance of the carcass material, for the stability and improve the quality of diamond tools have special significance. From the composition of the composition of the carcass material, the current is mainly the traditional elemental metal powder through mechanical mixing and then press, sintering process. The use of elemental powder more influencing factors, so the sintering quality is not easy to control, the mechanical properties of the carcass is not ideal.
Alloy Powders is aimed at the current domestic diamond tool manufacturing commonly used in this mechanical mixed carcass powder shortcomings and proposed. The formulas of the carcass were designed by analyzing the phase diagram. Cu, Ni and Fe were designed according to the content of the main elements. The method of atomizing and pulverizing with water to prepare Alloy Powders. The hardness of the sintered Alloy Powders and the traditional mechanical mixing powder were improved by 11%, 8% and 4% respectively in various mechanical properties. The flexural strength increased by 10%, 29%, 10% %.
A large number of experiments were carried out on the sintering densification and alloying of the mixed powder agglomerates of the Alloy Powders head and the same composition, and the kinetic analysis was carried out. The results show that under the same sintering conditions, the longer the holding time, the higher the hardness, the bending strength and the density. Alloy Powders matrix in the alloy to achieve the same homogenization process to speed up, easy to reach dense. From the fracture on the analysis of the fracture of the carcass, Alloy Powders matrix for the toughness of the fracture, and mixed powder body for the tough fracture fracture. By means of scanning electron microscopy, the distribution of elemental distribution is uniform, and the distribution of elements in the Alloy Powders is more uniform, and the mixture powder has the phenomenon of element segregation. The Alloy Powders was applied to the saw blade, and the surface morphology and wear condition of the cutting head after cutting (under the same conditions) were observed and compared with the mixed powder saw blade of the same kind. The binding strength of the carcass and the diamond, the exposure of the diamond and the rate of shedding were analyzed. The results show that the performance of the three saw blades has reached the requirements, and the Alloy Powders saw blade has higher cutting speed and cutting life than the mixed powder saw blade. In the three kinds of Alloy Powders saw blade, the Cu-based pre-mixed powder blade cutting speed is the fastest, Ni-based Alloy Powders saw blade cutting speed is the slowest, but its cutting life is the longest, Fe-based Alloy Powders saw blade cutting life is the shortest.
The use of Alloy Powders as a diamond tool body of the binder, easy to adjust the carcass performance, making it more suitable for processing objects, and because the pre-alloy is pre-melting into the alloy, and then made of powder, so each powder All contain a variety of metal elements that make up the alloy, which is much more uniform than the mechanical mixing of multiple single metal powders. In the process of sintering into a diamond blade, as long as the temperature rises to the melting temperature of the Alloy Powders, the powder of the whole binder component melts without the difficulty of taking into account the difficulty of melting the temperature difference of the different components in the binder to form a reasonable sintering temperature The problem.
Alloy Powders is not easy to evaporate easily oxidized elemental elements, the use of Alloy Powders made of diamond tools to improve the compactness of the carcass and uniformity, thereby improving the wear of the carcass state.
Can be based on the difference in the performance of the object of targeted selection of different nature of the Alloy Powders, simplifying the work of carcass ingredients. The sintering temperature of the tip mainly depends on the melting point of the high melting point metal in the bonding metal, the melting temperature of the Alloy Powders is low, the hot pressing temperature is low, and the heat damage caused by the sintered high temperature to the diamond can be avoided.
Alloy Powders melting interval is narrow, at a certain sintering temperature should be able to just wet the diamond, and under pressure can flow. In the hot pressing process, the Alloy Powders and skeleton composition reaction, is conducive to enhance the mechanical properties of the carcass, and will not form a low melt brittle phase.