Summary Of Iron Powder Production Methods And Techniques What Are The Differences?

Summary of iron powder production methods and techniques what are the differences?

Iron powder is powdered iron ore, in theory, all containing iron or iron compounds can be called iron ore, but industrially or commercially, and iron ore is not only to contain the ingredients of iron and must have a value line.

Since in the early 1930 of the 20th century iron powder began for powder metallurgical industry yilai, had emerged many iron powder production method, due to technology and economic Shang of various reason, which many method never beyond experiment or in the try stage, for example with hot hydrogen restore chloride Asia iron of chemical metallurgical method; another some method, such as Vortex spin mechanical crushed method, and water solution electrolytic method, and flow of bed hydrogen restore method, and rotating disc atomization liquid steel method, and air atomization liquid pig iron method and the into gas and solid carbon of joint restore method,, After a relatively short period of industrial application, and by the emergence of other competitive methods are no longer used in the industrial production of iron powder. Carbonyl iron powder production by (see Carbonyl milling method), because of its grain is fine, expensive, does not apply for sintered machine parts and electrodes, but its structure special high purity, and shows excellent performance. Nowadays dominating iron powder market, production of iron powder is: hegenasi belonging to iron oxide reduction process method and the long, low carbon molten steel by spray method, is a high-purity pig iron blast mill and decarbonization method of QMP and r); hegenasi method and amount of water atomized iron powder production by a landslide.

Rotary vibrating sieve can be used for coarse-level screening, but for high-precision grade you can use air classifier, for oxygen-sensitive explosive, you can only use the JZDF nitrogen iron powder grading grading machines for high-precision classification. Restore iron powder is senior powder metallurgical and soft magnetic devices of based raw materials, its products due to has height of can processing sex, can made various super thin, and specific shape devices, has very strong of anti-impact, and anti-corrosion, and wear loss and high strength characteristics, widely to application Yu car, and mechanical, and ship, and locomotive, field, is simple by melting made of steel material by cannot alternative of high grade material.