Summary Of Internal Development And Market Trend Of Reduced Iron Powder

Summary of internal development and market trend of reduced iron powder

Stable and fast development of the national economy in recent years, cars, home appliances, metallurgy, chemical industry and other major industrial development drives the development of powder metallurgy industry, reduced iron powder as one of its materials must be developed. So most metal powder industry investment period, but also during the great development of China's manufacturing of metal powders, but production of iron powder products in China compared with foreign manufacturers, there is still a large gap, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, the stability of the properties of metal powder, especially between batches of powder properties directly affect the stability of powder metallurgy product's quality. Our single batch quality of iron than Canada Quebec, Sweden hegenasi difference. The reason, besides the strict control of production process of iron powder for chemical composition, particle size and particle size composition, mainly in iron powder factory on the mixing process of in-depth study.

2, world famous manufacturers reduced iron powder powder metallurgy products factory, mixing processes to iron production plant using advanced technology of premix premix powder.

3, in the varieties of iron powder, iron powder should pay attention to the world trend of development of new products.

4, on the variety of alloy powder, stable development of mist + reduced iron powder production scale, expand, oil bearings, carbon brush for powder metallurgy industry, focusing on efforts to increase research in product performance and stability.