Reduction Of Iron Powder Process Advantages

Reduction of Iron Powder process advantages
Reduced Iron Powder in many industries have applications, and the use of a wide range, then the reduction of Iron Powder What are the advantages of the process? Let's take a look at it.
1. Refractory metal and other materials can only be made by powder metallurgy method.
2. Powder metallurgy can be made into the final size of the compact, generally do not need the back of the mechanical work, so you can save the metal, the cost has been reduced.
3. Because the reduced Iron Powder does not melt the material, so there will be no impurities mixed, it will not oxidize in the sintering, so can be made of high purity materials.
4. can ensure that the material ratio is correct.
5. Reduced Iron Powder can do the same shape but the number of products, which can reduce the cost.
  Iron ore is the fine powder of iron ore. In theory, ores containing iron or iron compounds can be called iron ore. However, iron ore is not only ironically or commercially Ingredients, and must have the value of the use of Caixing.
   Since the beginning of the 1930s, Iron Powder began to be used in the powder metallurgy industry, and many iron production methods have emerged, due to technical and economic reasons, many of which have never exceeded the experimental or pilot stage, Hydrogen reduction of ferrous chloride chemical metallurgical method; other methods, such as scroll mechanical pulverization method, aqueous solution electrolysis, fluidized bed hydrogen reduction method, rotating plate atomized liquid steel method, air atomized liquid pig iron and converted natural gas And solid carbon, such as the combined reduction process, has experienced relatively short-term industrial applications, and then due to the emergence of other more competitive methods and no longer used for the production of Iron Powder.As for the use of carbonyl production of Iron Powder (see carbonyl It is expensive, it is not suitable for sintering machine parts and welding electrodes; but its high purity, special particle structure, showing excellent performance. Now dominate the Iron Powder market Iron Powder production process is: The water atomization method of the low-carbon steel liquid, the QMP method and the r) of the ball milling and decarburization processes of the high purity pig iron shot pills, and the Hgner Sri Lanka and water atomization Of the Iron Powder production has overwhelming advantages.
Pure iron is silver, iron is black, this is an optical doubt, because the iron surface area is small, there is no fixed geometry, and iron crystal structure was geometric shape, so the iron absorption of some visible light , Some of the visible light mirror reflected out, showing white; Iron Powder did not absorb the light was diffuse reflection, can enter the human eye less visible light, so it is black. Today Xiaobian to tell you about the iron Handling and storage.
Iron Powder operation Note: closed operation, part of the exhaust. Iron Powder operators need through specialized training, strictly abide by the operating procedures. Advise the operator wearing self-absorption filter dust mask, wear chemical safety glasses, wear rubber acid To avoid contact with alkali, alcohol, especially to avoid touch with water.When the transfer to light loading and unloading, to prevent damage to the packaging and containers Equipment Overshoot emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may remain harmful.
Iron Powder storage Note: Store in a cool, boring, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire, heat. Relative humidity remained below 75%. Iron Powder packaging is necessary to seal, do not damp. Should be easy with (easy) Alkaloids, alcohols and other separated storage, should not be mixed storage. Should not be kept for a long time, to avoid deterioration. Storage area should have appropriate data to keep the leak.