Reduced Iron Powder In The Formal Case Should Meet The Quality Requirements Are There?

Reduced iron powder manufacturer production reduced iron powder quality is its own controls, for reduced iron powder under normal circumstances, you should meet the quality requirements, what does?

1 appearance, it is necessary to restore the color of iron powder for observation, finished oxidation of reduced iron powder particle cannot have signs of rust, nor contain other impurities.

2, shapes, shapes after it reduced iron powder adsorption effect is greater impact, under the optical microscope observation, shape of reduced iron powder should be spongy.

3, physical performance, reduced iron powder extract the finished product sampling checks, identification of reduced iron powder using the efficacy is eligible.

4, chemical analysis, requires identification of reduced iron powder, the composition, and the proportion of each ingredient has compliance with the national standards.

5, after multiple testing of reduced iron powder needed bulk bags and mesh size and purity of the product is complete, convenient for customers to buy, in addition to the reduced iron powder when mixed batch and weight constraints, needs to be mixed in accordance with the rules, avoid the appearance of reduced iron powder is not eligible.