Primary Reduction Iron Powders In Heavy Industry And Its Significance In The Development Of The Auto Industry

Primary Reduction Iron Powders in heavy industry and its significance in the development of the auto industry

Powder metallurgy started from 2500 years ago, foreign advanced metallurgical industry development, due to the development history of powder metallurgy and national conditions in China, every year into the domestic most of the production of middle and low density parts, Primary Reduction Iron Powders in our country still occupy the main market of iron powder, powder metallurgy industry in China is still a long way to go.

Primary Reduction Iron Powders as a kind of industrial iron powder, has its own characteristics and USES. In the powder metallurgy industry, Primary Reduction Iron Powders particles and inner hole, irregular shape, specific surface area is big, more used in low, high density, high strength and thin wall, heterosexual parts of powder metallurgy products, etc., are lubricated bearing, clutch parts, CAM and other essential raw materials. Primary Reduction Iron Powders is the modern industrial applications and low price of the metal material, more can improve the technology of powder metallurgy parts, in the future a long period of time, Primary Reduction Iron Powders industry will be the whole society relies for survival and development of one of the important material base. In some steel and powder metallurgy parts in the production of waste residue, containing high iron grade, this part of the waste residue of stockpiling formed the open-pit mine. Not only takes up a lot of land resources, but also cause environmental pollution.

Primary Reduction Iron Powders can improve the technology of powder metallurgy parts, add a dose of Primary Reduction Iron Powders can improve the wear resistance of mechanical products, with the diversification of mechanical production demand, Primary Reduction Iron Powders is used in the production of friction material, it greatly improve wear resistance of the friction material, for the development of heavy industry, automobile industry in China is of great significance.

Primary Reduction Iron Powders has applied in many industries, and the use range is very wide, so what are the advantages of Primary Reduction Iron Powders? Below we together and see it.

1. Metal materials such as refractory can only use the method of powder metallurgy production.

2. The size of the powder metallurgy can be made into final compact, generally don't need the back of the machine (see, so you can save metal and the cost reduced.

3. Because Primary Reduction Iron Powders did not melt material, so there will be no impurities mixed with, also won't such as oxidation during sintering, so with high purity could be material.

4. Can ensure the correct ratio of materials.

5. Primary Reduction Iron Powders can do the same shape but the quantity of the product, this can reduce lots of cost.

Reducing iron powder plain speaking is with reduction method for making iron powder. Also known as Primary Reduction Iron Powders. That the reduction process is how to do:

A highly reactive iron powder, because of the strong reducibility, oxidation reaction is easy to attack, even slightly heating in air will burn, because of its characteristics, it is often used for welded rails, chemical reduction, avoid oxidation transformation, etc. Producing the chemical equation is Fe3O4 h2 + 4 = fe 3 + 4 h2o, namely magnetite REDOX reaction with hydrogen attack, formation water and reducing iron powder. Reduction method is to use solid or gaseous reductant (coke, charcoal, anthracite, water gas and conversion of natural gas, ammonia, hydrogen, etc.) of differentiation, reduced iron oxide (iron concentrate, rolled steel scale, etc.) for producing sponge iron.

Reduction process is divided into carbon reduction (solid) a reduction and secondary reduction;

A reduction is solid carbon reduction for making sponge iron, a reduction of the primary processes are: (iron concentrate, rolled steel scale, etc.) - drying - magnetic separation - damage to sieve, canning to enter a reduction furnace, sponge iron;

Secondary fine reduction process: sponge iron to flush, the broken - magnetic separation - the second reduction furnace - powder block - solution broken - magnetic separation to sieving, grading to mixing, packaging and finished products;

With reduction of iron powder produced by excellent, qualified, various parameters Fe 98% or higher, 0.01% or less of carbon, phosphorus and sulfur is less than 0.03%, the hydrogen loss of 0.1 ~ 0.2%.