Preparation Of Reduced Iron Powder By Water Atomization Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

Compared with the tunnel kiln reduced iron powder production methods, advantages of production of reduced iron powder by atomization of water:

① process short, high efficiency, suitable for large-scale production;

II can use cheap raw materials (scrap) produced ingredients with high purity, uniform and good technological properties of high added value and high quality powder;

③ water atomization of production water atomized iron powder particle size and particle size distribution can be adjusted, within certain limits.

Black water atomization of production of pure iron powder by compression not only high value, high chemical purity, but also for the production of high density, high strength, high dimensional accuracy and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, powder metallurgy structural parts with complex shape, is superior to the reduction in the production of similar products.

Lack of water atomized iron powder production

① equipment investment;

② against production of low apparent density of iron powder;