Iron Powder Technology To Further Innovation, Much Domestic And Foreign Markets Of All Ages

Iron powder is an important raw material for powder metallurgy. The industrial preparation and use of iron powder began in the 1920s. At that time the German consumption of electrolytic iron powder and carbonyl iron powder, important for the chemical industry as a catalyst. 30 years began to consume powder metallurgy iron-based parts. 1933 Germany to study the vortex grinding method of consumption of iron powder. 1936 Sweden in the sponge iron consumption on the basis of recovery by the magnetite consumption of low-cost iron powder. After the 40s in Germany, Britain, the United States and other countries and the emergence of molten metal atomization method of manufacturing iron powder, and on this basis, the rapid advance of the consumption of atomized pre-alloy powder. Domestic began in 1958 with the recovery method of consumption of iron powder, 60 years began to use atomization method to develop a variety of alloy and alloy steel powder.

Now the development of iron is also very fast, it is because the society is now the rapid development of society, what are in innovation, not innovative things are slowly buried by the pace of history. Metallurgical technology innovation makes a lot of industries have a qualitative improvement, it is because of the application of mechanical technology, it is the development of some important industries of the people's livelihood plays an increasingly important role.

Now the progress of history is determined by the development of metallurgical technology. In the future high-speed, precision is the eternal goal of metallurgical development, if we want to improve the further development of iron, then I will from the high-speed, precision these two aspects to proceed to study, only our iron powder manufacturing technology to another height, Then the iron powder manufacturing can be improved.

In recent years, iron powder production, application, research and other aspects have developed rapidly, reflecting China has a certain production capacity and technical level. But with the rapid development of China's economy, can not meet the needs of machinery and equipment construction, in terms of depth or breadth, there is still a certain gap, to improve the quality of existing products under the premise of further development of new products, The In all parts of the country, especially in the southeast coastal area, iron powder application potential is great, iron powder development prospects are broad, optimistic. Hope that through the above content can be better to help you.

The reliability of metallurgical technology is a key indicator of the quality of iron powder products. Only the production process of iron powder is also stable, reliable, stable production, can guarantee the output. These are the future direction of development of iron powder. Want to let metallurgical technology continue to promote the long river of history, then the iron powder technology will be further innovation.