Iron Powder Production, Application, Research And Other Aspects Have Developed Rapidly

Since the early 1930s iron powder began to be used in the powder metallurgy industry, there have been many iron production methods. Due to technical and economic reasons, many of these methods have never exceeded the experimental or pilot stage, such as the reduction of ferrous chloride by hydrothermal reduction of ferrous chloride chemical metallurgy; others, such as scroll machinery Pulverization method, aqueous solution electrolysis method, fluidized bed hydrogen reduction method, rotating plate atomized liquid steel, air atomized liquid pig iron method and combined reduction of natural gas and solid carbon, etc., have experienced relatively short industrial applications, and then There are other more competitive methods and no longer used for industrial production of iron powder. As for the iron powder produced by the carbonyl method, because of its fine particles, it is expensive, not suitable for sintering mechanical parts and welding electrodes; but its high purity, special particle structure, showing excellent performance.

Since the 1970s, the high-tech computer technology technology has rapidly developed the industry as a traditional iron powder to compete, which also provides a new block of development opportunities, meaning that the traditional iron powder with heavy sand and heavy industry will be replaced. Computer technology, information technology, automation technology and traditional technology combined with the iron powder with the weight of the formation of advanced iron powder with the concept of heavy-duty technology, it has been more and more of the world industrial countries face in its connotation familiar with the more The more clear it is.

In recent years, iron powder production, application, research and other aspects have developed rapidly, reflecting China has a certain production capacity and technical level. But with the rapid development of China's economy, can not meet the needs of machinery and equipment construction, in terms of depth or breadth, there is still a certain gap, to improve the quality of existing products under the premise of further development of new products, The In all parts of the country, especially in the southeast coastal area, iron powder application potential is great, iron powder development prospects are broad, optimistic. Hope that through the above content can be better to help you.

At present, the widely used methods abroad to produce reduced iron powder to reduce solid carbon gas emission reduction, combined with the reduction of gas-solid two-step reduction method is the most mature stage of the world's most advanced technology. Sustainable development of science and technology, iron quality, performance will be a severe test of foreign iron powder production technology constantly updated, the production of iron powder atomization process in recent years has become a major foreign iron production methods, therefore, in recent years Foreign to reduce the iron powder production process improvement and more.