Iron Powder Lead A New Era Of Life

Iron Powder lead a new era of life
Iron Powder is one of the most important metal powders in the powder metallurgy industry. Iron Powder in powder metallurgy production in the largest amount, its consumption accounts for about 85% of the total consumption of metal powder. Iron Powder is the primary mall production machinery parts, the amount of Iron Powder required for the total output of about 80% of iron. Pure iron is silver, iron is black, this is an optical doubt, because the iron surface area is small, there is no fixed shape of the dwarf, and the crystal structure of the iron was a few shapes, so the iron absorption of some Visible light, will be another visible light mirror reflected out, showing white; Iron Powder did not absorb the light was diffuse reflection, you can enter the human eye less visible light, so it is black.
    The advantages of the direct reduction method are:
(1) the process is short, direct reduction iron plus electric furnace steelmaking;
(2) without coke, not affected by the lack of coking coal;
(3) less pollution, cancel the coke oven, sintering and other processes;
(4) sponge iron sulfur, phosphorus and other harmful impurities and non-ferrous metal content is low, is conducive to electric furnace exercise excellent steel.
     The shortcomings of the direct reduction method are:
(1) higher requirements on the material: gas base to have natural gas; coal base to use high ash melting point, good response to coal;
(2) sponge iron offer is usually higher than scrap.
 Once the Iron Powder, that is, the use of direct recovery method to produce iron. Direct reduction method refers to the iron ore below the melting temperature of iron ore into the sponge iron iron production process, the goods for the direct reduction of iron (DRI).
Warm baby use of Iron Powder is mainly a Iron Powder and secondary Iron Powder. Iron content between 95% - 98%, mesh between 60-200 mesh. Warm baby normal use, whether it is still a secondary Iron Powder, the content of more than 95% can be used, while the heat is based on the discrepancy, fever time and duration are different. The lower the mesh, the slower the heat, and the duration is longer; the higher the mesh, the fever is fast, the duration is short. Personal use of warm baby, usually use the time for 10 to 12 hours, while the iron is just to reach the moment of human needs, too long, no benefit! In addition, because of repeated reduction of Iron Powder to reach the refinement of the recovery, regulate the use of warm baby manufacturers for a reduction and secondary Iron Powder, the iron on the human body harmless. And the market some small processing warm baby small workshop, then the acquisition of some low-cost industrial Iron Powder as a warm baby material, the industrial Iron Powder can not be used as a warm baby material, long-term use will cause damage to the skin Even cancer!