Iron Powder In The Powder Metallurgy Industry Is One Of The Most Important Metal Powder

Iron powder color: black. Powder metallurgy is the main raw material. According to particle size, the habit is divided into coarse powder, medium flour, fine flour, fine powder and fine powder five grades. Iron powder with a particle size in the range of 150-500 μm is a coarse powder with a particle size of 44-150 μm as a medium powder, 10-44 μm as a fine powder, 0.5-10 μm as a very fine powder and less than 0.5 μm as a fine powder powder. Generally through the 325 mesh standard sieve that the particle size of less than 44μm powder called sub-sieve powder, if you want to carry out more accurate screening can only use air flow grading equipment, but for some easily oxidized iron powder you can only use JZDF Nitrogen protection classifier to do. Iron powder mainly includes reduced iron powder and atomized iron powder, which are named after different production methods.

Iron powder in the powder metallurgy industry is one of the most important metal powder. Its consumption accounts for about 85% of the total consumption of metal powder. The main market of iron powder is the manufacture of mechanical parts. The required amount of iron powder accounts for about 80% of the total output of iron powder.

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