Iron Powder In The Market Competition In The Footsteps Of Development, Quality Is The Key

Iron powder has been able to take the initiative of the market, because of its products in the slope of the protection of unparalleled ability, is no substitute for other items, the product has the highest price of iron powder. Industry-related experts put forward the strategy of future development: to speed up industrial restructuring; in the future development of the machinery industry should pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that the structure of complex, high precision iron powder to develop faster. At the same time, the machinery industry should also be closely followed by the needs of the market to develop. 

Pure metal iron is silver, iron is black, this is an optical title, because the iron surface area is small, there is no fixed geometric shape, and iron crystal structure was geometric shape, and thus iron absorption Some visible light, will be another visible light mirror reflected out, showing white; iron powder did not absorb the light was diffuse reflection, can enter the human eye less visible light, so it is black my company's chemical iron powder Characterized by a large number of easy to replace the reaction of elements into the high-quality iron powder, thereby improving the reduction rate and restore the yield.

Strictly control the content of various elements in iron powder, to maintain the stability of the reduction reaction. And according to user requirements to provide the required products.

1, chemical iron powder: mainly used for titanium dioxide, chemical and other industries, 30-200 mesh adjustable.

 2, metal replacement iron powder: mainly used for copper and nickel and other smelting processing industry replacement metal, 60-200 head.

 3, rubber and plastic products with reduced iron powder: mainly used for rubber, plastic industry filled with weight, loose proportion of 2 - 4.5, 80-200 mesh adjustable.

4, handicrafts filled with iron weight: mainly used for handicrafts imitation of metal effects and increase the sense of weight, loose the proportion of 2 - 4.5, 100-200 head.

5, sewage treatment with iron powder: mainly used for electroplating, leather, paper, dyeing and finishing, chemical, ceramics and other industries wastewater treatment, 30-200 mesh adjustable.

6, iron with iron powder: mainly used in the manufacture of magnets, different mesh adjustable.

7, fever with iron powder: mainly used for warm bags, fever posts, etc., 60-200 head.

8, with heavy iron sand, iron slag class: with heavy iron sand, with heavy iron slag, scrap steel balls, scrap iron sand, etc., can be used for engineering machinery and bridge weight, elevator weight, concrete weight, electrical and lighting base weight, Sporting goods counterweight, forklift and crane weight.