Iron Powder Enterprises Adhere To Their Own Innovation, And Constantly Improve Performance

Iron powder is an important raw material for powder metallurgy. The industrial preparation and use of iron powder began in the 1920s. At that time the German consumption of electrolytic iron powder and carbonyl iron powder, important for the chemical industry as a catalyst. 30 years began to consume powder metallurgy iron-based parts. 1933 Germany to study the vortex grinding method of consumption of iron powder. 1936 Sweden in the sponge iron consumption on the basis of recovery by the magnetite consumption of low-cost iron powder. 40 years later in Germany, Britain, the United States and other countries and the emergence of molten metal atomization method of manufacturing iron powder, and on this basis to quickly promote the consumption of atomized pre-alloy powder. Domestic began in 1958 with the recovery method of consumption of iron powder, 60 years began to use atomization method to develop a variety of alloy and alloy steel powder.

Iron powder consumption approach, the restoration method and atomization method is an important consumption approach. The consumption of these two approaches can account for about half of the total iron consumption in society. Electrolysis and carbonyl method are important for the production of high-purity, fine-grained iron powder for the production of magnetic materials.

Iron powder development should also adhere to the actual situation with the domestic, can not blindly follow the development of foreign countries, technology can also be introduced, but the innovation capacity is unable to introduce, must rely on their own accumulation, in order to make iron powder better go. Iron powder manufacturers to change production, management, compliance information, the new network environment. Iron powder in order to develop, we must adhere to their own innovation, in the production of continuous accumulation of experience in order to make iron powder to enhance the performance of each iron powder manufacturers should have their own advantages, better than others can sell high At someone else.

Iron powder has been able to take the initiative of the market, because of its products in the slope of the protection of unparalleled ability, is no substitute for other items, the product has the highest price of iron powder. Iron powder demand is relatively large, the market has great potential. Industry-related experts put forward the strategy of future development: to speed up industrial restructuring; in the future development of the machinery industry should pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that the structure of complex, high precision iron powder to develop faster.

At the same time, the machinery industry should also be closely followed by the needs of the market to develop. Iron powder through the introduction of advanced control technology to reduce the power consumption of the press power output loss, maximize the increase in energy utilization, machinery market competition so intense today, a large number of iron powder manufacturers continue to emerge, in order to stand in the market competition development The pace of quality is the key.