Iron Powder Cost-effective, Then China Is Vigorously Promoted

World iron production nearly 10 years With the economic and technological development, the development of the automotive industry fluctuations, the overall trend of a slight increase in the steady, the amount of automotive parts powder metallurgy parts are increasing. Despite the fluctuating output of automobiles, the total output of iron powder will not fall below 850,000 t, and there is plenty of capacity until no new process is available.

Improve the comprehensive performance of iron powder, develop new products from the performance requirements of powder metallurgy products, for example, to increase the density and strength of powder metallurgy parts, add elements such as nickel, copper, chromium and molybdenum, so diffusion alloy powder came into being and the research deepened . With the development of powder forging technology, powder forging powder has matured. Of particular note is the study of powder lubricants, temperature and pressure, die wall lubrication, improve the health of the lubricant, Sweden, QMP have been successfully developed. Compacted strength has more than 40MPa, Machinable. Due to the foreign production of iron powder atomized water-based iron ore, more research and development to improve its work on the performance of reduced iron powder is not much improvement.

Due to the history and national conditions of domestic powder metallurgy development, the current production of high-strength and high-density parts in our country is still small, mainly due to the technical and development capabilities of powder metallurgy products. For example, it has been reported that the new powder metallurgy products put into operation each year by GKN include 500 species, while less than 50 species in our country, most of the domestic production of medium and low density parts. Therefore, the reduced iron powder in our country also occupy the main iron powder market, just the opposite with foreign countries. Reducing iron powder in the next few years is an important part of the development and research of China's iron powder industry.

As water atomized iron powder powder particles are compact, high purity, good compressibility, easy alloying, can produce high strength, density powder metallurgy parts, efforts to promote in our country, especially pre-mixed powder.

Improve the purity Retain high compressibility, solve the structural problems of inclusion aggregation, and adapt to the use of medium-strength parts. Due to the limitation of the manufacturing process, how to increase the packing density under the premise of ensuring high compressibility. For example, WISCO has only 18,000 tons of iron scale for reducing powder, which is bound to promote the reduction of iron powder by concentrate powder. As the composition of the concentrate powder is stable, the iron powder The stability of the increase, the development of concentrate powder reduced iron is the current domestic direction.