Iron Powder Application Potential Is Huge, Is A Good Environmental Protection Materials

China's iron ore is rich in resources, but most of the iron ore resources are low iron grade, high impurity content, embedded in the fine size of the hematite ore type, this part of the ore selection of the selected process is more complex, Lower. Iron powder in many industries have a wide range of applications, but also in the development of the industry, iron and other equipment is also the continuous development and application of iron powder, whether in the production and processing industry, or in the application of equipment, etc. are used Very much, the development is also very fast.

China's production capacity and technical level also have some progress, then the rapid development of the economy now, the need for mechanical and equipment construction, or a gap, not only to improve product quality, but also continue to develop new technologies. So the application potential of iron powder is huge, the development prospects are very wide. In some of the iron and steel and metallurgical production in the production of waste residue, containing relatively high grade of iron, this part of the large amount of waste into the formation of open pit. Not only take up a lot of land resources, but also cause environmental pollution.

With the continuous improvement of China's powder metallurgy industry technology, the current powder metallurgy is also widely used with aircraft, firearms, motorcycles, family cars, cars, agricultural machinery, mining, power tools, machine tools, transportation and other machinery industry.

Sewage treatment systems can be divided into centralized and decentralized, traditional sewage treatment plants are centralized sewage treatment system for the densely populated urban areas, and in sparsely populated rural areas using centralized sewage treatment, will be due to the construction Sewage plants spend huge sums of money, and let these already underdeveloped places once again put on debt burden, this time, sewage treatment with iron powder will be a more appropriate choice.

Sewage treatment with iron is a new waste water treatment of raw materials, also known as the reduction of iron powder, sewage treatment of iron powder is mainly used for environmental iron powder, reduced iron powder, when the sewage treatment, environmental iron powder in the sewage reaction reduction Iron powder purification sewage treatment of iron, reduce iron, in daily life, a lot of iron powder, green iron powder content is wide, is a good environmental protection materials.