Iron Demand, The Market Has Great Potential

With the rapid development of China's industry, all walks of life on the demand for iron powder is growing, but China's iron powder technology is far less than abroad, so some areas still rely on import development. In recent years, some of the reduction of iron powder manufacturers in order to meet market demand, and actively improve the technology, so that China's iron powder production has greatly improved.

Iron powder is the most important and most widely used and low-cost metal materials in modern industry. In the future for a long period of time, the reduction of iron powder industry will be the survival and development of society as an important material basis. China's iron ore is rich in resources, but most of the iron ore resources are low iron grade, high impurity content, embedded in the fine size of the hematite ore type, this part of the ore selection process is more complex selection, sorting indicators Lower. In some of the iron and steel and metallurgical production in the production of waste residue, containing relatively high grade of iron, this part of the large amount of waste into the formation of open pit. Not only take up a lot of land resources, but also cause environmental pollution.

Reduced iron powder can improve the process of powder metallurgy industry, add a certain amount of reduced iron powder can improve the wear resistance of mechanical products, with the diversification of mechanical production needs, reduction of iron powder is used in the production of friction materials, It greatly improved the wear resistance of friction materials, which for China's heavy industry, the development of the automotive industry is significant.

Iron powder has been able to take the initiative of the market, because of its products in the slope of the protection of unparalleled ability, is no substitute for other items, the product has the highest price of iron powder. Iron powder demand is relatively large, the market has great potential. Industry-related experts put forward the strategy of the future development: to speed up industrial restructuring; in the future development of the machinery industry should pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that the structure of complex, high precision iron powder to develop faster. At the same time, the machinery industry should also closely follow the needs of the market to develop. Iron powder through the introduction of advanced control technology to reduce the power consumption of the press power output loss, maximize the increase in energy utilization, machinery market competition so intense today, a large number of iron powder manufacturers continue to emerge, in order to stand in the market competition development The pace of quality is the key.