Industrial Iron Reduced Iron Powder In What Features And Applications?

Industrial iron reduced iron powder in what features and applications?

Industrial iron reduced iron powder as a, and has its own characteristics and uses. In powder metallurgy industry, reduced iron fine powder particles and holes, irregular shape, large specific surface area, used for low, medium, high density, high strength thin-wall, straight powder metallurgy products and parts are lubricated bearings, clutch parts, cams and other essential raw materials.

Restore iron powder of production is using gas or solid fuel (as ammonia decomposition gas, and H2, and CO, and solid carbon, or gas and solid joint fuel) as restore agent, will iron oxide (as iron ore fine mine powder, and low carbon boiling rolling steel scales, yellow iron ore, and ferrous sulfate, and chloride Asia iron, and oxygen converter steel ashes) in solid state Xia restore into a metal of degree quite high of iron products of process process, its full iron content over 98.5% above, c production is less than 0.01%,P, and s content very low. Its raw materials are mainly ultra pure magnetite concentrate powder, boiling rolling low carbon steel scales. Foreign 80%-90% reduced iron powder is using super pure iron concentrate powder as raw materials for production.

According to the analysis, reduced iron powder using original material is oxidized, primarily of iron oxide. Due to the effect of the use of hydrogen reduction is not very good, so I changed it to use tunnel kiln using carbon as a reducing agent to restore product, get the reduction rate is relatively high, so using carbon as a reducing agent in reducing disposal in a restoration, are widely used.