How To Restore The Primary Reduction Iron Powders

How to restore the Primary Reduction Iron Powders
  Once the reduction of iron powder is processed through a number of processes, of which porous anti-friction products is a very important oil. It increases the corrosion resistance of a reduced iron powder, improves abrasion resistance and extends its service life. So we should strengthen our understanding. Its operating principle is iron-based oil bearing sintering after oil immersion treatment, a reduction of iron powder lubricants that enter the product pores. When the shaft rotation, and sets of dynamic friction, heat; the bearing temperature increases, oil heat expansion; from the pores out of the shaft and the sleeve between the automatic supply of oil, the formation of the oil film from the anti-friction effect. Generally this method has a common oil immersion, vacuum oil immersion and heating oil.
   1, ordinary oil immersion to clean the sintered products into the oil soak. The oil is immersed in the pores of the article under the action of the capillary force of the article. This method of immersion oil for a long time, immersion oil efficiency is low, generally takes several hours, for oil content is not high in the products.
  2, vacuum oil immersion to clean the sintered products into the vacuum box, sealed evacuated to -720 mm Hg, and then into the vacuum box into the oil, and then heated to 80 degrees Celsius, keep twenty minutes to half an hour. As the air in the pores of the product is withdrawn, the oil can be immersed in the product within ten minutes. Air immersion oil can also be placed in the product of the vacuum box out of the air, and then preheated the oil into the vacuum box, the product covered, and then the atmosphere and vacuum box connected, the oil that is faster Immersed in the pores of the product. In this way, the oil immersion efficiency is high and the speed is fast.
   3, heating oil immersion to clean the sintered products into 80 to 120 degrees Celsius hot oil soak for one hour. As the product is heated, the air in the connected pores expands, causing some of the air to be removed. After cooling, the rest of the air shrinks and the oil is drawn into the pores. Due to the good flow of hot oil, high lubricity, so there may be more oil into the product.
 According to the current market situation, then a reduction of iron powder in the market have great potential for development, a reduction of iron powder to grasp the needs of users to meet the needs of users, so his development prospects!
The emergence of a reduced iron powder for the development of modern society has brought a very large role in promoting a reduction of iron powder in various industrial areas, to play out its own strength, such as in the rapid development of automobile production, Powder technology to provide a variety of advanced accessories products, greatly improving the performance of the car.
Once the reduction of iron powder can be in the rapid development of the market today, because it has a lot of advantages, the traditional casting process has been unable to keep up with the rapid development of today's social industry footsteps, so many areas used in parts and components and so on Need to manufacture through high-tech means to produce, a reduction of iron powder process is to help everyone and the development of a process.
    A reduction of iron powder produced by the various types of products, not only has a professional performance, and high production efficiency, for enterprises to bring more benefits. At the same time energy-saving emission reduction, but also to contribute to the protection of the environment.