Discussion On The Process Characteristics Of Alloy Powders Parts

Discussion on the Process Characteristics of Alloy Powders Parts

Iron powder, presumably we all understand its characteristics and role of it, then what is the role of Alloy Powders, Alloy Powders parts is how to form it?

Forming from the Alloy Powders parts and fabricating the finished part through a process is called Alloy Powders. The main raw material of Alloy Powders, processed by crushing into Alloy Powders form, chemical reduction, electrolysis technology, mechanical alloying, or the most common atomization. The following brief introduction to the formation of Alloy Powders parts process.

First, the powder is dipped in the lubricant, which is added to reduce the friction between the powder and the die. Next, the raw material forming process, pressing, forging or molding. Mainly in the Alloy Powders metallurgy sintering, the last step of a high temperature process, the development of the final performance of the part. Compaction of the raw material, known as the green part, is heated in the furnace at a temperature lower than the melting point of the common bond particles without changing the shape of the part. The sintering process also increases the porosity of a portion of the force and control portion. Usually do not require secondary operation, but some may still need heating, size, burr or processing.

Although the finished parts look very strong, they actually consist of small interrelated capillaries, resulting in some 25% porous. By vapor treatment, penetrate into a lower melting point, or oil or plastic resin impregnation, thus providing the best seal.

Sintered products have a lot of benefits in the parts produced by other methods. After missing this step after the process, there are about 97% of the material used in the process. Sintered product shape is not complete.

Parts of the Alloy Powders are partially close to the tolerances at the time of manufacture, eliminating the need for secondary operation. Therefore, the Alloy Powders metallurgy technology is often the preferred production of complex parts need to be tested several times. A wide variety of shapes and designs can be sintered in almost infinite selection of alloys, composites and related properties.

We all know that Alloy Powders, gray or black powder, also known as "double suction agent", can absorb moisture and oxygen in the air, commonly used in food preservation. In order to be able to buy pure Alloy Powders, we understand the rules of the next Alloy Powders test it!

1, Alloy Powders by the supplier technical supervision departments for acceptance, to ensure that product quality in line with the provisions of this standard, and fill in the quality certificate.

2, Alloy Powders should be submitted in batches of acceptance, the same brand of each batch of products must be approved by mixing, batch weight shall not be less than 3000kg.

3, the parties to receive the Alloy Powders can be tested in accordance with the provisions of this standard. If the test results and the provisions of this standard does not match, the product should be received within one month from the date of supply to the supplier, the supply and demand sides to resolve. For arbitration, there are supply and demand sides in the demand side of the received product sampling verification. If the inspection result is unqualified due to the poor management of the demand side, the responsible party shall be responsible.

4, sampling the sampling method according to GB5314.

5, if a group of iron powder test results do not meet the requirements of this standard, it should be in accordance with Article 4 in the batch of Alloy Powders to take a double the number of samples, and re-inspection of the project.

Advantages of Alloy Powders process:

1, the vast majority of refractory metals and their compounds, pseudo-alloy, porous materials can only be made with Alloy Powders method.

2, because the Alloy Powders method can be pressed into the final size of the compact, without the need or little need for subsequent mechanical processing, it can greatly save the metal, reduce product costs. When the product is manufactured by the Alloy Powders method, the metal loss is only 1-5%, and the loss of the metal may be 80% when produced by the general casting method.

3, because the Alloy Powders metallurgy process in the material production process does not melt the material, it is not afraid of mixed with crucible and deoxidizer and other impurities, and sintering is generally carried out in a vacuum and reducing atmosphere, not afraid of oxidation, Material any pollution, it is possible to produce high-purity materials.

4, Alloy Powders method to ensure that the material composition ratio of the correctness and uniformity.

5, Alloy Powders suitable for the production of the same shape and the number of products, especially gears and other high cost of processing products, with the Alloy Powders manufacturing can greatly reduce production costs.