China's Chemical Iron Powder Industry Has Developed Rapidly

   In view of the contrast of industries carried out in our country, we often have many skills in the original, catch-up, to the immediate state, many of our skills in many industries through the accumulation of a long time has the necessary ability to pass Long time technical innovation, some of the skills to break through the closure of the foreign for the skills, victory among the ranks of the country's first-class skills .In the face of China's recovery iron industry is how the shape?

In recent years, China's reduced iron output continued to grow, the variety is expanding, the quality is improving, the market is developing well. but. Due to the price of raw materials for the production of reduced iron, the pressure on the metal powder manufacturing industry is high. Metal powder production plant should increase the intensity of technological reform, optimize the production process, reduce production costs. Expand the scope of the application of reduced iron, so that China's metal powder manufacturing industry to maintain a steady and rapid development.

    Pure metallic iron is white, iron powder is black, this is an optical title, given the small specific surface area of iron powder, no constant geometric appearance, and the crystal structure of the iron was geometric appearance, so the iron intake part Visible light, the other part of the visible light specular reflection out, revealing white; iron powder did not finish the light was diffuse reflection, may come in the human eye less visible, so it is black.

    With the rapid development of chemical iron powder industry in our country and the increase of demand for chemical iron powder in contemporary chemical making, we are under enormous pressure in the production of our factory, which is the gradual reduction of iron ore production in our country. Sharing is the chemical iron ore can be extracted from 5 kinds of ore.Sulfide.And this kind of ore throughout the laboratory testing the composition of the data, the iron content of the disk according to data 46%, but the sulfur content of 100 So fifty or more points, so the ore is mostly used for metal smelting raw materials, so in the production of the product implementation of the production opportunities are not many.