China's Chemical Iron Industry Really Into The High-end Market, Compete With Foreign Companies

    At present, China's chemical iron powder industry is still lagging behind the technological level of developed countries abroad, still need to increase technology research and development efforts to enhance the technical level of the industry. Domestic chemical iron and steel enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, their lack of technical R & D links, the production process stereotyped, the lack of scientific, quantitative and environmentally friendly production processes, product quality control lax, many companies even based on experience to identify product quality. And more workshop-style business product quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, in the next few years, domestic industrial enterprises still need to upgrade their technological capabilities and get out of the misunderstanding of homogeneous competition so as to truly enter the high-end market and compete with foreign enterprises.

    At present, the production of domestic chemical iron powder is mainly reduced iron powder, but more dispersed; water atomized chemical iron powder is relatively rapid due to its late start and fewer manufacturers. Domestic chemical iron powder varieties and performance compared with foreign countries there is a certain gap, but its development is mainly with the domestic chemical iron production technology level, improve the level of equipment, the domestic production needs of powder metallurgy products continue to improve and improve.

    Foreign countries have a certain scale of chemical iron powder production enterprises have built their own chemical iron powder and powder metallurgy products research center, invested a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out powder properties and product pressing properties, sintering properties and new products, new technology research and development work; And a large number of experimental data and practical experience have been accumulated on the relationship between the powder properties and the pressing properties and the sintering properties of the products. The corresponding powder products can be rapidly developed according to the needs of the users, effectively guiding the users to use and doing the after-sales service work.

    Domestic chemical iron powder production enterprises due to the size, capital, technical conditions and other factors, in new products, new technology research and development and application of less investment, most companies have not really started from the powder performance and product pressing, sintering performance The study of the relationship is mostly limited to the product in line with national standards, the user's requirements can not give full attention, let alone effective guidance to users, which is bound to broaden the sales channels to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and enhance Business development stamina and bring greater impact.

    From the current technical level, the reduction method, microemulsion method and ball mill preparation of chemical iron powder technology are more mature. Among them, the gas phase reduction method and microemulsion method can be prepared very fine chemical iron powder, ball milling method is only suitable for larger particle size product preparation. Considering the product size, process operation and cost, the solid phase reduction method and microemulsion method are the most easy to operate, simple equipment and lowest cost of all the preparation methods, the particle size of the product reaches the nano level, the prospects for the actual industrial production is very good .