Chemical Iron Best-selling Domestic And Foreign Markets.

    Chemical iron powder is also used as a metal thermal reduction method for the production of other ferrous and non-ferrous metal reductant; non-ferrous alloy alloy additives; but also a small amount for the chemical industry and other industries.

    The factory in the new year will, as always, with the best products, best price, best quality service to meet the needs of new and old customers. This method is to crush the rolled steel scale, and then thrown into the furnace oxidation fe2o3, and then the oxidation of the good products sent to the belt furnace, the last on the hydrogen reduction to iron powder. The main reason is: the large amount of natural gas development and operation, especially the use of high-efficiency natural gas conversion method, the supply of a combination of reducing gas, the direct reduction obtained a rich history, relatively cheap new energy sources. For the situation of product packaging design, packaging materials, packaging structure and package destruction received takeover measures, will become the mainstream of packaging trends.

Chemical iron powder in the ironmaking process to remove oxygen in the molten steel, some ferroalloy can also remove other impurities in the steel such as sulfur, nitrogen, etc. Our professional equipment, strong technical force, the existing solid carbon reduction furnace four, two fine reduction furnace six, and other auxiliary equipment, testing, training equipment fully furnished to ensure the quality of products. Second, green technology materials. In addition, basic manufacturing processes such as powder metallurgy, which have the characteristics of short process of material preparation and part forming, are also worthy of attention and promotion. After the damage, it is sent to the belt furnace for decarburization return, after which it is returned to the iron powder. With an annual output of 6,000 tons of high-grade iron powder, the best-selling products at home and abroad.