Alloy Powder Manufacturing Method

Alloy powder manufacturing method

  Alloy powder manufacturing method is divided into atomization method, hydrometallurgical method.

  Alloy powder high-pressure atomization method is in accordance with the design of a good carcass ratio, before sintering in advance of various components of the metal smelting into alloy, and then atomized powder, get the required size of the carcass powder. Atomization method can be used water atomization or gas atomization, gas atomization can be used air, nitrogen or argon gas. Gas atomization cooling speed, powder crystal fine, high powder yield, low cost. The hydrometallurgical method is to dissolve the metal ions in the water. The different elements of the alloy in the metal (such as cobalt, copper, iron sub-salt solution) are mixed in the correct proportion to form a metal salt, and then the precipitate is reduced to obtain a very fine Metal alloy powder. Alloy powder Since each powder particle contains various metal elements that make up the alloy, the uniformity of the pre-alloy powder is quite good. Since the melting point of the single element is much lower than that of the alloy, the sintering temperature of the alloy powder is low, and the sintering temperature of the alloy powder is low as long as the temperature reaches the liquidus of the alloy powder. The

  Alloy powder advantages

  The use of alloy powder has the following significant advantages:

  (1) greatly improve the performance of diamond tools. As the pre-alloy powder than the mechanical mixture of powder elements evenly distributed, fundamentally avoid the component segregation, so that the carcass tissue uniformity, performance tends to be consistent; pre-alloy powder alloying fully, so that the carcass with high hardness and high impact strength, Greatly improve the sintering products of the compression, bending strength, improve the diamond holding force, increase the sharpness of diamond tools to extend the life of the tool.

  (2) Alloy Powders significantly reduce the cost of diamond tools. As the pre-alloying greatly reduces the activation energy required for the diffusion of metal atoms during the sintering process, the sintering performance is good, the sintering temperature is low and the sintering time is shortened, which is beneficial to avoid the high temperature damage of the diamond and on the other hand, With the power consumption; in the same cutting performance, the use of pre-alloy powder can reduce the diamond concentration of 15% to 20%, significantly reduce the cost of diamond tools.

  (3) to facilitate product quality control. As the pre-alloy powder elements of the fixed, fundamentally avoid the process of mixing problems in the process, for the stability of the product quality to provide the conditions