Where Can I Buy Iron Metal Powder Price Manufacturers

Where Can I Buy Iron Metal Powder Price Manufacturers
Product Details


1. The Curie point can up to 1020 degrees and it is durable;

2. Its using time is up to 8000-12000 hours.

3. Can resist high temperature or wear, while using it won't sinter or sparkle.

4. The Saturation intensity is 0.9 - 3.5T, particle size 20-60μ, particle size distribution uniformly.

5. It's crystal form, specific surface area, particle size distribution, the basic magnetic properties.

6. Coercivity temperature coefficient characteristics and rheological properties can all reach Japan.

7. Advanced level among similar products.

8. The magnetic powder's color is in line with Japan's and has good hardness!

9. Can match with the magnetic powder brake and clutch from home and abroad, after use it is still.

10. Smooth and has no corrosion spots.


Absorbing Material

Military High Performance infrared, Visible light and Millimeter Wave Stealth material  Radio Wave Radiation Shielding Material

Magnetic Material

Magnetic Head and Large-Capacity Tape Materials with High Saturation, Susceptibility, Permeability

Fluid Material

Lubricating oil combined with Nano-scale iron, copper, cobalt, titanium, nickel, molybdenum or alloys, can be employed in vehicle and ship engines for fuel saving, emission cut, wear-resistant, thermo stability, self-repairing, power enhancement, cold-startup optimization and so on.

Hydraulic fluid contains nano-metal powders is able to improve the power stability and sustainability of hydraulic machinery

Catalyst:replace precious metal Catalyst, Nitrotoluene catalyst preparation, axungeα,ω-amino-nitrile catalyst preparation.

Adsorbent: underground water pollution control

Chemical raw material: The preparation of some high-performance chemical products.

Magnetic powder core : Can significantly improve the magnetic powder core saturation magnetization

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