Water Atomized Iron Powders Flexible Supply Mode

Water Atomized Iron Powders Flexible Supply Mode
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The high-pressure water atomization method is used to prepare the crude alloy powder. The crude gold is first melted in the furnace, and the molten gold liquid must be superheated by about 50 degrees, and then injected into the tundish. Start the high pressure water pump before the gold liquid is injected, and let the high pressure water atomizing device start the workpiece. The gold liquid in the tundish passes through the beam and enters the atomizer through the leaking nozzle at the bottom of the bag. The atomizer is the key equipment for the production of coarse gold alloy powder by high pressure water mist. The quality of the atomizer is related to the pulverization efficiency of the metal powder. Under the action of high-pressure water from the atomizer, the gold liquid is continuously broken into fine droplets, which fall into the cooling liquid in the device, and the rapid liquid solidifies into an alloy powder. In the traditional high-pressure water atomization process for producing metal powder, the metal powder is not continuously collected, but a small amount of metal powder is lost with the atomized water. In the process of producing alloy powder by high-pressure hydration method, the atomized product is concentrated in the atomization device, precipitated, filtered, (drying if necessary, generally directly sent to the next process), obtaining a fine alloy Powder, there is no loss of alloy powder in the whole process.

Including water atomized iron powder and gasified iron powder. Gas atomization: iron, copper, aluminum, tin, lead and alloy powders (such as bronze powder, stainless steel powder); water atomization: iron, copper and alloy steel powder.
The water-smoothed iron powder particles have a rough surface, an irregular powder with low oxygen content and good compressibility, and the RZ method can directly treat the scrap steel. The gas atomized iron powder particles are nearly spherical, the particle size is uniform, and the high-yield spheroids are produced. The stainless steel spherical powder for the filter is not all produced by the atomization method.

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