Water Atomized Iron Powders Capability To Delivery

Water Atomized Iron Powders Capability To Delivery
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Powder metallurgy technology has significant material and energy-saving effects. Iron powder is the main raw material of iron-based powder metallurgy materials and products, and it is the largest type of powder in the powder metallurgy industry. With the rapid development of the national economy, the vigorous development of the automobile, construction machinery and other industries has brought a broad development prospect to China's iron powder. At present, iron-based powder metallurgy materials are developing in the direction of high density, high strength and complex shape, and higher and higher requirements are imposed on the process performance of the raw material iron powder. Our company adheres to the principle of quality priority and provides a large number of high quality water atomized iron powder for the vast market.


It is a new type of iron powder. It is relatively pure due to the absence of impurities in the production process, and the spherical particles produced by the atomization method conform to the principle of the closest packing.