Powder Metallurgy Iron Powder Capability To Delivery

Powder Metallurgy Iron Powder Capability To Delivery
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The ultrafine iron powder we produce can be used in powder metallurgy, water treatment, diamond tools and other industries. We produce iron powders of different particle sizes to meet the different needs of various industries.

As the main raw material for metallurgy, this kind of iron powder has great activity and has special properties in electricity, magnetism, light, catalysis, adsorption and chemical reaction.


Iron powder is an indispensable material in economic production and life, especially a kind of metal raw material that is indispensable in the metallurgical industry. This kind of iron powder is mainly used in powder metallurgy, electric welding rod production, magnetic field, electric power industry, chemical industry and other industries.

Used in cemented carbide, welding rod, conductive paste, magnetic materials, laser welding, diamond tools, superalloys, rechargeable batteries, rubber and plastic injection products.

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