Deoxidant Iron Powder

Deoxidant Iron Powder
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Deoxidizer with reduced iron powder using a reduced iron powder, in principle has reacted deoxidizer iron oxide (iron), oxidation enzyme (enzymes), ascorbic acid oxidase, a light-sensitive dye oxidation. At present, most are based on the use of oxygen scavenger iron oxidation reaction. Iron can occur in the air oxidation-reduction reaction, 4Fe + 3O2 = 2Fe2O3, ferric oxide product having a water absorption, so do iron deoxidizer at the same time both the nature of dehydration, which is the desiccant. Appearance ashes black powder.


Deoxidizer with reduced iron content is high, high hydrogen loss, loose structure, strong adsorption, reaction stable.

Product Usage:

Deoxidizer with iron reduction is mainly applied to industries deoxidizer, drying, food preservation, and other additives.