Core-spun Yarn Iron Powder Flexible Supply Mode

Core-spun Yarn Iron Powder Flexible Supply Mode
Product Details

Basic description

The core iron powder belongs to reduced iron powder, and the content index generally includes: chemical components such as iron, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. and acid insoluble content, and the oxygen content can be approximated by hydrogen loss (loss weight lost in hydrogen). Representation; physical, process properties, such as sieve particle size composition, bulk density, fluidity, compressibility and sintered dimensional stability. 


Iron powder for core-spun is the main auxiliary material of calcium iron wire, calcium aluminum wire and titanium iron wire in core wire. It has stable chemical composition and excellent physical process performance, high purity, low impurity and uniform bulk density. Uniform particle size distribution.

Main physical and chemical indicators of core iron powder:

Indicator nameTest DataIndicator nameTest Data
Fe % ≥ 98Hydrogen loss % ≤0.25
Mn % ≤0.3Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter%≤0.04
P % ≤ 0.2Loose density g/cm3 .45-2.8
Si % ≤0.1Fluidity s/50g≤30-35
C% ≤0.03Compressibility g/cm36.4-6.7
S % ≤0.02granularityProcessing according to customer needs 

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