Core-spun Yarn Iron Powder Capability To Delivery

Core-spun Yarn Iron Powder Capability To Delivery
Product Details

Iron core powder is a kind of magnetic iron oxide, which is mainly used in the industry to solve electromagnetic compatibility problems. In practical applications, because the filter has different requirements for different frequency bands, various other substances are usually added to enhance the effect. Of course, what additional materials are selected is the secret of the enterprise.

Basic description

As is known, iron core powder as a relatively common form of soft magnetic material.  Our company supplies a large number of high-quality iron core powder. Welcome everyone to inquire.

This product is suitable for core wire packing and metal replacement. The product has the characteristics of high purity, low impurity, uniform bulk density and uniform particle size distribution.
To the technical parameter table:
TFe: >98%;
S: 0.03%;
P: 0.03%
Si: 0.15%;
Mn: 0.45%
Loose density: 2.8-4.2g/cm3; the interval can be produced according to customer requirements.