Artificial Diamond Iron Powder

Artificial Diamond Iron Powder
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Refining the rock monocrystalline diamond powder Main uses

1. As ultra-precision grinding and polishing materials for magnetic heads, hard disk, precious stones, hard glass, ceramic and carbide ultra-precision polishing;

2. used as a lubricant or oil additives can greatly improve the operating performance of industrial machinery and vehicles, to reduce the failure and prolong life.

3. Coating dies, tools, parts, etc., can improve the wear resistance, surface hardness, and prolong life.

4. The rubber or plastic enhancer coolant.

Can be used for precision polishing, high wear-resistant materials, especially in jade, crystal polishing material aspect has unparalleled advantages, good product thrown brightness and widespread consumer favorite!

Diamond powder materials with high strength, high purity material Type II diamond, crystal shape rules, the particle size distribution is concentrated, trace impurities, good thermal stability, high wear resistance. Central diamond powder Model W0.25 W0.5 W1 W1.5 W2.5 W3.5 W5 W7 W10 W14 W20 W28 W40 W50 W60

Recommended use: for the production of PCD, metal bond, vitrified products; used in optical glass, fine ceramics, precious stones and other products and production of polishing diamond polishing paste, polishing agent.