Absorbing Material Iron Powder Capability To Delivery

Absorbing Material Iron Powder Capability To Delivery
Product Details


1. High-performance magnetic recording material: With its high coercivity, high ratio of saturation magnetization, high signal-to-noise ratio and oxidation resistance, it greatly improves the performance of large-capacity magnetic tape cartridges.
2. Magnetic fluid: The preparation of nano magnetic fluid is widely used in the field of sealing shock absorption, medical equipment, sound adjustment, and light display lamps.
3. Absorbing materials: high performance invisible materials for military applications, visible light, infrared invisible materials and structural contact materials, and cell phone radiation shielding materials.
5. Nano-guides, etc.
6. Bearing manufacturing, M50 high temperature bearing steel nanoscale
7. For magnetic printing.

Storage conditions

The reduced iron powder is easy to oxidize, so the pulverization and classification must be carried out under the condition of protective gas. Generally, the ultrafine pulverization and classification is carried out by JZDB nitrogen protection pulverizing classifier for ultrafine pulverization and classification, if only the reduced iron powder is required. For high-precision classification, you only need to use JZDF nitrogen protection classifier.

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