Heating Bags Iron Powder Capability To Delivery

Heating Bags Iron Powder Capability To Delivery
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Product description

Iron powder used to make heating bag materials such as warm baby belongs to reduced iron powder.

Heating principle

Reduced iron powder, toner and other essential substances in the hot pack
The iron filings in the hot pack are ferrous iron, which is first oxidized to form ferric iron, which is reduced to divalent iron under the action of carbon powder. During the redox process,
Can produce a heat of 40 ° C -60 ° C. Maintain 20-20 hours. When the hot pack is close to the affected area, the heat is transferred to the body.
After 5 minutes, local skin vasodilation, congestion, accelerate blood circulation, promote local metabolism, thereby achieving physical therapy and relieving pain;
The vermiculite acts as a heat preservation and the sodium chloride can be preserved. Use a toner, iron powder, water and brine to add an additive to form a primary battery discharge.
Then, since there is no positive and negative electrodes, electrons cannot be separated by positive and negative electrons, and a short circuit is directly formed, thereby generating heat.

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