Warming Device Iron Powder Flexible Supply Mode

Warming Device Iron Powder Flexible Supply Mode
Product Details

Basic info

We are an excellent domestic company providing hot iron powder and chemically reduced iron powder.
We always pay attention to the quality of iron powder, and have strict control on the purity, impurities, odor, oxygen consumption, heating temperature and heating time of iron powder. The products are widely used in the production of food preservatives and warm device.

mainly used for warm bags, hot posts, etc., containing 85-98% iron, 60-200 mesh.

Performance characteristics

It is gray or black powder, also known as "double suction", can absorb moisture and oxygen in the air,
Often used for food preservation. The warm baby sold in the market is made up of two-layer packaging bag, the outer layer is air-tight packaging, and the inner layer is a breathable small bag filled with reduced iron powder. When used, it only needs to open the outer packaging to make the air enter and restore. The iron powder reacts immediately with oxygen to generate heat, which keeps the temperature at around 45 degrees for up to 14 hours. The principle is also to utilize the characteristics that the reduced iron powder is easy to react with the oxidant.

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