Warming Device Iron Powder Capability To Delivery

Warming Device Iron Powder Capability To Delivery
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Iron powder needs to be heated together with the catalyst. Iron powder heating is an oxidative exothermic reaction. Under the action of the catalyst, the iron powder oxidizes with oxygen in the air to release heat. The catalysts are: activated carbon, vermiculite, inorganic salts and water.

1. Wherein the iron powder is reduced with oxygen and moisture passing through the gas permeable membrane, is reduced to iron oxide, and releases hydrogen to release heat;
2. The role of edible salt is to corrode iron powder, speed up the oxidation of iron powder (many of the so-called catalysts that do not know the truth should refer to this component);
3. Vermiculite is a fluffy porous structure, mainly plays a role as a carrier, the iron powder has enough space to fully react with oxygen, and plays a certain role in heat preservation (some small manufacturers will use wood powder) Instead of the role of meteorites, wood flour is free in many parts of the country. Although the two have the same effect, the structure of the meteorite determines that its role is better than wood flour, which will be more helpful to a certain extent. To improve the heating time of the product and the degree of reaction)
4. The role of activated carbon is mainly to absorb excess water generated during the reaction process to ensure the reaction environment.

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