Metal Replacement Iron Powder Capability To Delivery

Metal Replacement Iron Powder Capability To Delivery
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Reduced iron powder is a very active iron powder. Because this iron powder has strong reducibility, it is easy to undergo oxidation reaction, even if it is heated slightly in the air, it will burn because of its characteristics. Used for welding rails, chemical reduction, prevention of oxidative deterioration, etc


metal replacement iron powder: mainly used for copper and nickel smelting and processing industry replacement metals, 70%-90%, 80-150. It can be used in the following areas:

1. Aerospace equipment: aluminum alloy and titanium alloy materials etc.

2. Metal processing: strengthening, art effect, aluminum alloy beautification, plasma coating compact, clean-up or surface abrasive blasting for mechanical parts, cylinder cover, surgical instruments, golf head, artificial joints, spring, gear, glasses frame.
3. Automobile industry: the shock absorber spring surface fatigue, strengthening treatment.
4. Turbine industry: the turbine blade surface treatment, strengthening treatment.

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