Iron Powder Manufacturing Process

Iron Powder Manufacturing Process
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Iron powder contain reduced iron powder,atomized iron powder,ultrafine iron powder,carbony iron powder,iron alloy powder,copper coated iron powder,and so on.  




Light rosy irregular shape powder.


Used in hard alloy, P/M, MIN, welding rod, electric conductive slurry, magnetic material, laser welding, diamond tools, high temperature alloy, rechargeable battery,the rubber and plastic injects products etc.

Applicationsthe main purpose of reduced iron powder of powder metallurgy products, the industry was 60% ~ 80% of the total amount of reduced iron powder.Welding electrode with reduced iron powder, add 10-70% in coated iron powder can improve the electrode welding process and significantly improve the deposition efficiency.Chemical with reduced iron powder, mainly used in chemical catalysts, precious metal reduction, alloy addition, copper substitution, etc.Cutting stainless steel iron powder, when cutting steel products, to the oxygen - acetylene flame spray iron powder, can improve the cutting performance, expand the scope of cutting steel, improve the cutting thickness.Constantly improve the technology of powder metallurgy industry in our country, the powder metallurgy parts are widely used with aircraft, guns, motorcycle, family cars, cars, agricultural machinery, mining, power tools, machine tools, transportation and other machinery industry.

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