Iron Powder Made In China To Sale

Iron Powder Made In China To Sale
Product Details


1,  iron powder: mainly used in titanium dioxide, chemical industry, content 80%-90%, 80-150 adjustable.

2, metal replacement iron powder: mainly used in copper and nickel smelting processing industry replacement metal, content 70%-90%, 80-150 mesh.

3, rubber and plastic products filled with iron powder: mainly used in rubber and plastic industry filled with loose reuse, the proportion of 2--4.5, 80-150 mesh is adjustable.

4, arts and crafts filling weight with iron powder: it is mainly used for handicrafts imitation metal effect and increase the sense of weight, loose the proportion of 2--4.5, 80-150.

5, sewage treatment iron powder: mainly used in electroplating, leather, paper, dyeing and finishing, chemical, ceramics and other industries waste water treatment, content 75%-90%, 80-150 mesh adjustable.

6, magnet with iron powder: it is mainly used in the manufacture of magnets, the content of 70-90%, different mesh is adjustable.

7, heating iron powder: mainly used for warm bags, heating posts, iron content 85-90%, 80-150 mesh

Delivery Time:

If the size we have storage, could dilivery within 3 days.

If the size you need haven't storage, production time would be 7-15 days based on our production schedule.

Anyway, would try best to delivery our product as earlier as possible with your requirements!

Package Information:

20kg/inner thick plastic bag, further put it into wooden barrel or paper bag, palletized, or as customer's request!

How to insure the quality and quantity of our product?

We have ISO9001 certificate for our whole production. Own high tecnical professional lab.Before delivery, we would send ourproduct to the Third Party Lab for last test too.And we buy Offical Insurance for our product of every shipment!


Reduced iron powder by ferroferric oxide commonly under the condition of high temperature on hydrogen flow or carbon monoxide reduction in gas generated, main ingredients for the loose structure of elemental iron.Because of reduced iron powder for powder itself, coupled with its microstructure is very loose, so its surface area is great.

In the chemical production and laboratory operations often used as a reductant.

Our Services

* Few lab sample free of charge

* Chemical compositions and particle size can be customized on request

* Various grades and size , comprehensive powder

* Strickly quality control system and advanced testing equipments.

* Professional sales team and good aftersale service.

Manufacturing good quality iron powder made in china to sale, we can also give you the quotation consultation service. Welcome to buy discount and customized bulk iron powder made in china to sale made in China at low price with us through the website or directly contact our factory.