Reduced iron powder reduction method

Popular speaking is reduced iron powder iron powders by reduction method. also called reduced iron powder

A highly reactive iron, because a strong Reducibility, are prone to oxidation, or even slightly heated in air will burn because it's such a characteristic, often used for welding Rails, chemical reduction, preventing oxidation.

Production of the chemical formula is Fe3O4+4H2=3Fe+4H2O, or redox reaction on the magnetite and hydrogen, producing water and reducing iron powder.

Reduction method is the use of solid or gaseous reducing agents (Coke, charcoal, anthracite, water coal gas, into natural gas, synthetic ammonia, hydrogen, and so on) reduction of iron oxides (iron ore, rolled steel scales, etc) to produce spongy iron.

The restore process is divided into (solid carbon reduction) a restored and secondary reduction

A restore is solid preparation of sponge iron-carbon reduction, a restored main processes are: (iron ore, rolled steel scale) magnetic separation → → drying → grinding → sieve canning into a furnace → → → sponge iron