Reduced iron powder is made of what? Process flow

Reduction method is the use of solid or gaseous reducing agents (Coke, charcoal, anthracite, water coal gas, into natural gas, synthetic ammonia, hydrogen, and so on) reduction of iron oxides (iron ore, rolled steel scales, etc) to produce spongy iron.

The restore process is divided into (solid carbon reduction) a restored and secondary reduction

A restore is solid preparation of sponge iron-carbon reduction, a restored main processes are: (iron ore, rolled steel scale) magnetic separation → → drying → grinding → sieve canning into a furnace → → → sponge iron

Secondary refining process: sponge iron crushing magnetic separation → → → → cleaning powder reduction furnace II → solutions → crushed → → → classification of screening by magnetic separation → mix → package → finished product

Reduced iron powder for production of high quality, the parameters of standard, Fe ≥ 98%, carbon 0.01%, p and s are less than 0.03%, hydrogen damage of 0.1~0.2%.

The main use of reduced iron powder:

Reduced iron powder powder metallurgy products, the industry consumed the amount of reduced iron powder by 60%~80%

Welding electrodes with reduced iron powder, iron powder can be added to the coating 10~70% improved electrode process and greatly enhance the deposition efficiency

Reduced iron powder for chemical industry, mainly for chemical catalysts, precious metals restored copper replacement

Iron powder for cutting stainless steel, cutting steel products, iron powder oxy-acetylene flame spray can improve cutting performance, broaden the scope of cutting steel grades, improved cutting thickness

The continuous improvement of technology of powder metallurgy industry in China, being widely used powder metallurgy parts and planes, guns, motorcycles, family cars, automobiles, agricultural machinery, mining, transport and other machinery industry, with the rapid development of China's economy, the increasing amount of reduced iron powder.