Nano iron powder

1, wave-absorbing materials

Metal Nano-powder on the absorption of electromagnetic waves have a special role. Iron, cobalt and zinc oxide powder and carbon-coated metal powders can be used as a high-performance millimeter wave stealth materials--infrared, and visible light stealth material and structure-cloak, and mobile phone radiation shielding material.

2, magnetic slurry

High saturation magnetization of iron nano-particles and high permeability characteristics, can be made magnetic slurry used for fine heads the bond structure.

3, high performance magnetic recording materials

Use of iron nano-particles of coercivity and high saturation magnetization, high signal to noise ratio and oxidation resistance as well as good, can significantly improve the performance of tape and large-capacity hard disk.

4, magnetic fluids

Made of iron, cobalt, nickel and its alloy powder produced excellent magnetic properties, can be widely used in sealing damping, medical equipment, sound regulation, light shows and other fields.